Michael Schrapp

Department of Computer Science, Room 7405

Research field:
Reconstruction in computed tomography (CT)

Since 03/2015 Research Scientist with Siemens AG, Corporate Technology Research field: Industrial Imaging (computed tomography, ultrasound,...) nondestructive testing, reconstruction, etc.

01/2012 - 02/2015 PhD in physics with Siemens AG (Corporate Technology) and Technical University of Munich (TUM) Title: "Artifact reduction in industriel computed tomography via data fusion“

11/2010 - 12/2011 Diploma thesis at the center for nanosystems and nanophotonics Title: "Quantum Nonlinearities in Photonic Crystal Nanostructures“

02/2010 - 07/2010 Term abroad at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands Spezialization in theoretical and solid state physics

10/2006 - 12/2011 Academic studies of general physics at Technical University of Munich Specialization in photonics and semiconductor physics