Ran Davidi, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Siris Medical, Inc

Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

e-mail: davidi at siris-medical dot com

Brief Curriculum Vitae


Stanford University, Postdoctorate (Computer Science, Radiation Oncology) 2014
Graduate Center, City University of New York, Ph.D. (Computer Science) 2010
Hunter College, City University of New York, B.A. (Computer Science) 2003
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, P. Eng. (Electronics & Computers) 1996



2012: Prostate Cancer Research Program Training Award (Department of Defense)
2010: Doctoral Student Research Travel Award (Graduate Center, CUNY)
2010: Presidential Fellowship (CUNY)
2009: University Fellowship (CUNY)
2006: Science Fellowship (CUNY)
2003: Departmental Honors in Computer Science (Hunter College)
2003: Summa Cum Laude
(Hunter College)  


Selected Publications:

Butnariu, D., Davidi, R., Herman, G.T., Kazantsev, I.G.: Stable convergence behavior under summable perturbations of a class of projection methods for convex feasibility and optimization problems, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 1:540-547, 2007  

Herman, G.T., Davidi, R.: Image reconstruction from a small number of projections, Inverse Problems 24:045011, 2008

Davidi, R., Herman, G.T., Censor, Y.: Perturbation-resilient block-iterative projection methods with applications to image reconstruction from projections, International Transactions in Operational Research 16:505-524, 2009

Censor, Y., Davidi, R., Herman, G.T.: Perturbation resilience and superiorization of iterative algorithms, Inverse Problems 26:065008, 2010

Garduño, E., Davidi, R., Herman, G.T.: Reconstruction from a few projections by L1-minimization of the Haar transform, Inverse Problems 27:055006, 2011

Nikazad, T., Davidi, R., Herman, G.T.: Accelerated perturbation-resilient block-iterative projection methods with application to image reconstruction, Inverse Problems 28:035005, 2012

Censor, Y., Chen, W., Combettes, P.L., Davidi, R., Herman, G.T.: On the effectiveness of projection methods for convex feasibility problems with linear inequality constraints, Computational Optimization and Applications 51:1065-1088, 2012

Herman, G.T., Garduño, E., Davidi, R., Censor, Y.: Superiorization: An optimization heuristic for medical physics, Medical Physics 9:5532-5546, 2012

Lee, H., Xing, L., Davidi, R., Li, R., Qian, J., Lee, R.: Improved compressed sensing-based cone-beam CT reconstruction using adaptive prior image constraints, Physics in medicine and biology 57: 2287-2307, 2012

Star‐Lack, J., Etmektzoglou, T., Davidi, R., Abel, E., Sun, M., Virshup, G., Kielar, K., Fahrig, R.: Tomographic Measurement of X‐Ray Beam Spot Profiles Using a Rotating Edge, Medical Physics, 39: 4002, 2012

Davidi, R., Schulte, R.W., Censor, Y., Xing, L.: Fast superiorization using a dual perturbation scheme for proton computed tomography, Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, 106: 73-76, 2012

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Davidi, R., Censor, Y., Schulte, R.W., Geneser, S., Xing, L.: Feasibility-seeking and superiorization algorithms applied to inverse treatment planning in radiation therapy, Contemporary Mathematics, accepted for publication.