Younes Benkarroum

Department of Computer Science, Room 7405

The Graduate Center

City University of New York

365 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016


E-mail: byounes [at] juno [dot] com




                     Ph.D candidate in Computer Science program at The Graduate Center of City University of New York since

since Fall 2006.

                     MS Degree in Computer Science from The City College of New York

                     BS Degree in Computer Engineering from ENSIAS School




                     Implemented a simple version of Iterative Closest Point algorithm (ICP) for the registration of two point clouds.

                     Performed a literature review and presentation of various methods in the area of 3D to 2D range-image registration.

                     Developed an application that segments range images, the segmentation module groups 3-D points that are part of

the same surface by giving them the same color.

                     Created an interactive program that implements a special magnifying glass that can show some attributes of a color

image when it moves over the image

                     Explored the structure information across different bands of a color image using the Bayer Pattern reconstruction


                     Developed an application that classifies hand written digits (Bayesian approach) using traditional and advanced

learning procedures in pattern recognition.

                     Developed an image classifier application that decides whether the content of the image is an indoor or an outdoor


                     Studied and presented Piva's paper: "DCT-based Watermark Recovering Without Resorting to the Uncorrupted

Original Image".

                     Worked with different teams to design, develop, and implement many other applications using C, C#, C++, Java,

XSLT, and .NET.




Software Developer at Gabriels Technology Solutions, Inc

Group leader - Endeca technologies.