oBA, Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China 07/2010
oME, Electrical Engineering, The City College of New York 02/2013
oCurrent PHD Student,Computer Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY, Since 09/2013

oSoftware: Multisim (Electronics Work Bench), Maya, Quartus, and ROS.
oHardware: Single chip Computer, Digital Logical Circuit, field-programmable gate array (FPGA),
oLanguages: Assembly Language, Java, C++, Basic B, C, C#, Verilog HDL, python

oIntern, ASUSTeK Computer Inc, VGA Department. Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.


oProject, Temperature control meter on embedded system 7/2008-9/2008
Utilized Verilog HDL language to code a Frequency divider in FPGA
Integrate thermistor into system, build a mathematical model in real situation to control the temperature
oProject, Robotic mapping and localization 4/2012-8/2012
Using particle filter to simulate robot’s mapping and localization in Virtual situation
oResearch Assistant, Multiparameter Physiological Measurements , NY 10/2011-02/2013
Utilized K-mean clustering technique to do the classification of the Camera captured data.
Decreased the calculation time and cost for scanning compared to medical instrument.
oResearch Assistant, Image mosaic and Assistive Text Reading . NY 06/2012-09/2012
Utilized Matlab to stitch image segments to rebuild the surface of the cylinder objects
Used different technology such as SIFT, RANSAC and self-developed algorithm to achieve the goal.
oResearch Assistant, Pharmacokinetic modeling of dynamic contrast enhanced-magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI), and clustering in DCE-MRI data 08/2011-10/2012
Proposed a new tracer transition model and proved it in real data from rabit Research Assistant, modeling and estimation of heart rate
Employed ECG data in the data bank of NIH PhysioNet and proposed a new model of heart rate

oResearch Assistant, 3D image reconstruction of Virus by Computerized Tomography. Since July 2013


oCCNY Leadership Program, The City College of New York
Treasurer of Graduate Student Council for one year
Provide funding for clubs around our college, have good communication skills and organization abilities.


oNational biology olympic competition, First award. 2005
oDoctoral Student Research Grant. 07/2013 - PRESENT


oDistribution of Intravascular and Extravascular Extracellular Volume Fractions for Neovascularization Assessment by Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
oReading labels of cylinder objects for blind persons