CSc 83200

Seminar on Image Processing and Computer Vision
Mondays 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
- 1 credit - Professor Gabor T. Herman

This is one in a series of seminar-type courses, run in alternative semesters by Robert Haralick and Gabor Herman. The emphasis of the course changes each semester, in the Fall of 2002 it was "the reconstruction of objects and surfaces from projections," in the Spring of 2003 it was "data representation for image processing, computer vision and visualization," in the Fall of 2003 it was "grahical models," and in the Spring of 2004 it was "applications of image processing and computer vision." The emphasis for this semester will be "discrete images," meaning that we will be concetrating on the processing of images that can be be represented by a function whose range is known to be a small discrete set (such as {0, 1} in the case of binary images).